Brits resolve to get fit and sort out their finances


  • 13 million* people plan to make New Year’s resolutions
  • Fitness, exercise, healthy eating and losing weight top the nation’s New Year’s resolutions
  • Top financial resolutions include saving money on outgoings, putting more money on deposit and getting out of debt or reducing loans and credit card balances.
  • A fifth (21%) say they usually break resolutions within a month


A survey of New Year’s resolutions has revealed that getting fit tops the nation’s New Year wish list with millions of people resolving to exercise more and lose weight.  Money matters also feature high in the nation’s 2014 ‘to do’ list with a third of those making a New Year’s resolution to sort out their finances and reduce their outgoings.


28% of the 2,000 UK adults quizzed revealed that they are planning to make resolutions in 2014, many (46%) will do so because they genuinely want to change their behaviour.  However, the survey also revealed how hard it can be to keep resolutions, with 21% of people admitting they have usually broken their resolutions before January is out.


   Rank The UK’s top ten resolutions for 2014 %
1. Get fit/take more exercise 54
2. Eat more healthily/change diet 49
3. Lose weight 46
4. Sorting out finances/reducing outgoings 33
5. Take up a new hobby, sport or interest 27
6. Spend more time with friends/family 26
7. Looking for a new job 25
8. Stop/reduce smoking 22
9. Stop/reduce drinking 17
10. Stop/reduce time spent on social media sites 7



Financial resolutions for 2014 concern both reducing spending and increasing savings:


Rank Top financial resolutions for 2014 %
1. Save money on outgoings 38
2. Save more in a deposit account 32
3. Get out of debt or reduce loan and credit card balances 21
4. Shop-around for a better energy deal 17
5. Buy a house or move home 12
6. Invest some money 11
7. Shop-around for insurance 10
8. Put more money into a pension 6
9. Re-mortgage 3



Claire Peate,’s customer insight manager, commented:

“For many of us, a new year represents a fresh start – a time to think about things we want to achieve or behaviour we want to change.  But, despite beginning the year with good intentions – our survey suggests that most people fail to keep their resolutions.


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photo by: simplyla